This is my new site for my Amateur Radio hobby, where I can post info about my station for those interested, post my projects, achievements, and other news related to the hobby. There is definitely more to come, but I wanted to get a page online and it needed some content!

Some other pages I’ve worked on: jasonarends.com (another personal site of mine), jasperares.org (the Jasper Co, MO ARES homepage – I am an Asst Emergency Coordinator for the group)

73 for now…

DSO138 Oscilloscope Kit

I recently read about the DSO138 Oscilloscope kit bye JYE Tech in the January 2016 issue of QST magazine (p62) and thought it would be a fun project to improve my soldering skills and learn how to use an o-scope. I found it on Amazon for around $30 – I opted for the 13803K kit which has the SMD components pre-soldered… I wasn’t quite ready to try soldering surface mount components yet. I put this together over the course of 3 days, doing a little bit at a time between other things and even though this is only my second DIY solder-the-components-on kit, I thought maybe posting my own experience would be beneficial to someone. Continue reading DSO138 Oscilloscope Kit

If the Sun “went out”

This isn’t exactly Ham Radio related, but I thought it fit in this blog…

Riding Light from Alphonse Swinehart on Vimeo.

I just re-watched parts of this video and it really puts the size of even our solar system in perspective. But, I thought of another interesting scenario. Say that right now, the Sun just “goes out” for whatever reason and stops outputting light. Since it takes so long for light to travel across our solar system, we’d be able to see planets blinking out as the last ray of sunlight bounced off and traveled back to Earth. Using wolframalpha.com, I calculated all of the distances and times, and here’s what it would look like: Continue reading If the Sun “went out”