My Station:wpid-img_20150123_171445.jpg

  • Yaesu FT-767GX
    • Heil HM-12 Microphone
    • Homebrew interface to computer
  • Lenovo R400 laptop for digital and logging
    • Dual-boot Win7 / Ubuntu Linux
  • Yaesu FT-8800R/E mobile (yet to be installed)
  • Bao-feng UV-5R+
  • Bao-feng BF-F8HP
  • 40m dipole antenna
  • 2m groundplane antenna made of wire clothes hangers
The 40m dipole is barely visible above the roof
2m ground plane hung from the ceiling for use with a Bao-Feng or the 2m module of the FT-767GX


My location:

ITU Zone: 7
CQ Zone: 4
Newton Co, Missouri
Loc: EM27rb


ARRL Member
FeldHell Club #4932
Joplin Amateur Radio Club (Secretary: 2015)

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